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Memcached Server

Released: Apr 26, 2014

This ServerTemplate installs Memcached, which can be used as a caching layer to improve the performance of your cloud-based multi-tier application. Read More


Hadoop - IBM BigInsights Basic Edition 1.4 (Master Node) by IBM

A core component of IBM’s platform for Big Data, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is inspired by, and is compatible with, open source Apache Hadoop and used to store, manage, and gain insights from Internet-scale data at rest.

InfoSphere BigInsights Basic Edition v1.4

2 Ratings

Jun 15, 2012


AppDynamics Controller by AppDynamics

AppDynamics provides Application Performance Monitoring for Java and .NET environments. This ServerTemplate configures a server running the AppDynamics Pro Controller software.

1 Rating

Jul 06, 2012


AppDynamicsLite by AppDynamics

AppDynamics enables our customers to get 10x visibility into their application health and find root cause of problems 90% faster. For a full list of features, click here.

This ServerTemplate will configure the AppDynamics Pro Controller software. For instructions and documentation on how to beg

1 Rating

Jul 14, 2012

RightScale Open Source

Siege Load Tester by RightScale Open Source


Siege is an http load testing and benchmarking utility. It was designed to let web developers measure their code under duress, to see how it will stand up to load on the internet.

3 Ratings

Nov 18, 2014


Tomcat7 App Server (v13.5.11-LTS) by RightScale

MultiCloud release of our Tomcat7 application server with Apache. It is designed to work in a hybrid cloud environment, and with ELB, CLB, or Load Balancer Template and Database Template as part of a three-tier web architecture. OS: Ubuntu; Technology: Chef

1 Rating

Jan 12, 2015