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Memcached Server

Released: Apr 26, 2014

This ServerTemplate installs Memcached, which can be used as a caching layer to improve the performance of your cloud-based multi-tier application. Read More


aiCache Toolbox by aiCache

aiCache reduces the time to deliver content, scales the capacity of your site and provides real-time reporting on performance. This toolbox is intended to use together with aiCache template. It provides LB scripts to connect and disconnect your instance(s) to aiCache instance.

2 Ratings

Sep 05, 2012

CloudOpt Inc

CloudOptimizer MySQL Edition (12.11 LTS) by CloudOpt Inc

CloudOptimizer MySQL Edition is a combination of CloudOptimizer and RightScale's Database Manager for MySQL version 5.5 (12.11 LTS). This powerful combination gives you the tools necessary to securely and cost-effectively replicate your MySQL database between different regions or clouds.

2 Ratings

Nov 02, 2012


LAMP All-In-One with MySQL 5.1 (RSB) (v12.11.4-LTS) by RightScale

MultiCloud release of our basic all-in-one LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server with the MySQL 5.1 database engine. This server takes regular backups of the MySQL 5.1 database and saves them to public cloud storage. OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL; Technology: RightScripts

1 Rating

Nov 05, 2013

RightScale Open Source

RightScale Windows Server RL 5.8 by RightScale Open Source

Provides a base Microsoft Windows Server including RightScale Monitoring and Chef support.

1 Rating

Jan 30, 2014


PHP App Server (v13.5.5-LTS) by RightScale

MultiCloud release of our PHP application server with Apache. It is designed to work in a hybrid cloud environment and can be configured to work with ELB, CLB, or Load Balancer Template and Database Template as part of a three-tier web architecture. OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL; Technology: Chef

1 Rating

Apr 26, 2014