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RightLink 10.4.0 Linux Base

Released: May 04, 2016

Base ServerTemplate for RightLink10, including support for Docker. RightLink10 is a new agent to connect servers to the RightScale platform that is very lightweight and simple to install. Read More


Base ServerTemplate -11H1-EBS-JP by Masezou

このServerTemplateは、Base ServerTemplate - 11H1で、EBS起動をするためのものです。 This is for Base ServerTemplate - 11H1 with EBS boot.

1 Rating

Jun 16, 2011

Zend Technologies

Zend Server 5.6 by Zend Technologies

Web Application Server for Business-Critical PHP Applications. Develop faster, Deploy rapidly and consistently, Optimize application performance and Resolve problems more quickly.

1 Rating

Jul 03, 2012

RightScale Open Source

Nginx by RightScale Open Source

A base ServerTemplate for NGINX.

1 Rating

Aug 05, 2013

RS Professional Services

Database Manager for TokuDB 5.5 (v13.5.0) by RS Professional Services

Configures a MariaDB 5.5 database server from TokuTek with the TokuDB engine. This ServerTemplate provides a high-availability master/slave database configuration that can be used as the backbone for a variety of applications and workloads.

1 Rating

Nov 12, 2013


LAMP All-In-One with MySQL 5.5 (v13.5.11-LTS) by RightScale

MultiCloud release of our basic all-in-one LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server with the MySQL 5.5 database engine. This server takes regular backups of the MySQL 5.5 database and saves them to public cloud storage. OS: CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL; Technology: Chef

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Jan 12, 2015