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Memcached Server

Released: Apr 26, 2014

This ServerTemplate installs Memcached, which can be used as a caching layer to improve the performance of your cloud-based multi-tier application. Read More

So-net Entertainment Corporation

Hadoop CDH2 by So-net Entertainment Corporation

Hadoop cloudra CDH2

1 Rating

May 25, 2011


Database Manager for MySQL 5.5 (v12.11.5-LTS) by RightScale

MultiCloud release of our Database Manager for the MySQL 5.5 database engine. It provides a high-availability master/slave database configuration that can be used as the backbone for a variety of applications and workloads. OS: CentOS, RHEL; Technology: Chef

1 Rating

Nov 06, 2013

RightScale Open Source

JBoss 7.1 App Server (RSB) by RightScale Open Source

MultiCloud RSB (RightScript-based) ServerTemplate to deploy a JBoss 7 App Server. Currently only the standalone mode is supported.

2 Ratings

Aug 29, 2014


PHP App Server (v14.1.0) by RightScale

MultiCloud release of our PHP application server with Apache. It is designed to as part of a three-tier web architecture, with load balancer and database templates. OS: Ubuntu, CentOS; Technology: Chef

2 Ratings

Nov 14, 2014

RS Professional Services

GlusterFS Server (v14.1) by RS Professional Services

This Server Template installs and configures the glusterd service. It has the ability to create a new GlusterFS cluster and volume, join an existing cluster, detach from a cluster, and migrate live or dead bricks to new nodes.

1 Rating

Apr 20, 2015