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RightLink 10.6.0 Linux Base

Released: Dec 19, 2016

Base ServerTemplate for RightLink10, including support for Docker. RightLink10 is a new agent to connect servers to the RightScale platform that is very lightweight and simple to install. Read More

Industrie IT

Rancher Server on RancherOS by Industrie IT

A ServerTemplate for a Rancher Server on RancherOS.

4 Ratings

Mar 27, 2016

RightScale Open Source

Docker Node by RightScale Open Source

Deploys Docker-based apps to the cloud of your choice.

As an example, runs an open-source blogging application on port 8080. To customize the behavior or deploy your own apps/services, simply change the DOCKER_SERVICES and DOCKER_ENVIRONMENT inputs;

7 Ratings

Nov 20, 2016

RightScale Open Source

Docker Swarm Node by RightScale Open Source

Installs Docker Engine, then joins a swarm if one exists; creates a new swarm if none found.

1 Rating

Nov 20, 2016

RS Professional Services

Chef Server for Linux (RightLink 10) by RS Professional Services

RightLink 10 Linux Chef 12 Server

1 Rating

Nov 21, 2016

RS Professional Services

Image Bundler For RightLink 10 by RS Professional Services

This ServerTemplate uses Packer to copy cloud images, and if needed add RightLink 10 to the Image.

1 Rating

May 23, 2017