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Memcached Server

Released: Apr 26, 2014

This ServerTemplate installs Memcached, which can be used as a caching layer to improve the performance of your cloud-based multi-tier application. Read More


Hadoop - IBM BigInsights Basic Edition 1.4 (Master Node) by IBM

A core component of IBM’s platform for Big Data, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is inspired by, and is compatible with, open source Apache Hadoop and used to store, manage, and gain insights from Internet-scale data at rest.

InfoSphere BigInsights Basic Edition v1.4

2 Ratings

Jun 15, 2012


aiCache Toolbox by aiCache

aiCache reduces the time to deliver content, scales the capacity of your site and provides real-time reporting on performance. This toolbox is intended to use together with aiCache template. It provides LB scripts to connect and disconnect your instance(s) to aiCache instance.

2 Ratings

Sep 05, 2012

CloudOpt Inc

CloudOptimizer Cloud Edition by CloudOpt Inc

CloudOptimizer Cloud Edition is symmetric data transfer optimization system with unlimited peers and endpoints. You can use CloudOptimizer Cloud Edition as virtual network appliance to accelerate connections between all RightScale-supported clouds.

1 Rating

Nov 02, 2012

Ryan Geyer

Wordpress & Email All-In-One by Ryan Geyer


This is an All-In-One (AIO) server for hosting PHP based web sites/applications, as well as email for one or many domain names (virtual hosting).

1 Rating

Feb 05, 2013


SmartFoxServer 2X Community Edition - v2 by SmartFoxServer

SmartFoxServer is a comprehensive platform for rapidly developing massive multiuser applications and games. This ServerTemplate features all the scripts necessary to automatically install and configure the free, fully featured “Community Edition” version of SmartFoxServer 2X.

1 Rating

Jul 28, 2014