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[SFS2X] SmartFoxServer 2X installer - v2

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Published by SmartFoxServer on Jul 28, 2014Revision: 2


Downloads and installs SmartFoxServer 2X Community Edition v2.7, 64 bit edition.

Additional patches available on the SmartFoxServer website are installed by a separate script.

This script is skipped in case of server reboot.

Compatible ServerTemplates: * SmartFoxServer 2X Community Edition - v2


Revision 2 | Jul 28, 2014

Revision 1 | Aug 13, 2013


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Support Information

Support is freely available on the SmartFoxServer website through the public forums.

Additionally, dedicated support can be provided via email, IM, Skype or phone; contact the SmartFoxServer Team for more details and a price quote. The contact link is available on the SmartFoxServer website.