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[SFS2X] SmartFoxServer 2X patch installer

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Published by SmartFoxServer on Mar 28, 2013Revision: 3


Downloads and installs the latest patch for SmartFoxServer 2X Community Edition.

By default the latest patch in installed, but previous versions are also available in case a specific version of SmartFoxServer 2X must be deployed. As the patch is cumulative there's no need to install the previous versions if the latest is needed.

This script is skipped in case of server reboot.


Revision 3 | Mar 28, 2013

Added option to skip patch installation

Revision 1 | Mar 27, 2013


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Support Information

Support is freely available on the SmartFoxServer website through the public forums.

Additionally, dedicated support can be provided via email, IM, Skype or phone; contact the SmartFoxServer Team for more details and a price quote. The contact link is available on the SmartFoxServer website.