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Add LogicMonitor Collector - Linux

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Published by LogicMonitor on Sep 27, 2013Revision: 16 This component has been deprecated by the publisher.


Linux – Add LogicMonitor Collector

This script will create a new (linux only) LogicMonitor collector within your account. It will handle the download and installation of the precompiled binary provided.

Requirements: - An existing LogicMonitor account. For help setting up an account please contact - Ruby - Rubygems - JSON - open-url - net/http(s)

For Additional Info, see LogicMonitor Help Documentation (

*The LogicMonitor Collector is a lightweight, java-based application installed within the infrastructure for which it collects monitoring data. One Collector can monitor hundreds of hosts. The Collector retrieves monitoring data from hosts specified, via the requisite protocol (SNMP, WMI, JDBC, Perfmon, HTTP, etc.), and sends that data, via an outgoing only SSL connection, to the client’s hosted LogicMonitor portal.

For Additional Info, see LogicMonitor Help Documentation (



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