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So-net Entertainment Corporation

SYS ntpd install by So-net Entertainment Corporation


Jul 26, 2011

So-net Entertainment Corporation

SYS sendmail enable for normal user by So-net Entertainment Corporation


Jul 25, 2011

Corbett Baker

Install R-studio by Corbett Baker

Installs R-studio

Jul 23, 2011

Ryan Geyer

SYS - Remove RightScale Rubygem mirrors by Ryan Geyer

Removes the RightScale Rubygem mirrors from the list of sources for the gem executable both in the RightScale sandbox, and for the system ruby.

Jul 22, 2011

Corbett Baker

Add New User v1 by Corbett Baker


Jul 21, 2011

Corbett Baker

SES Information by Corbett Baker

Sends instance information to a specific email address.

Jul 21, 2011

Corbett Baker

Dropbox by Corbett Baker

Installs Dropbox

Jul 21, 2011