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DB EBS PostgreSQL promote to master - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Promotes a current Slave-DB server to become the new Master-DB server.


  • Updates the 'master' A Record with your DNS provider with the private IP address of the server that's being promoted to become the new Master-DB. Both the applicati

May 09, 2011


RB rails-passenger-nginx application svn code checkout - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Checks out the Rails application from an svn repository.

May 16, 2011


RB Rails-Passenger-Nginx install - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Install and configure Nginx and Passenger. Configures the number worker processes and worker connections.

First launch

The script will be run and Nginx and Passenger is configured


no action

May 20, 2011


LB Application to Nginx disconnect - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Script to disconnect a Backend server from all front end server

Operational script

Can be run as an operational script to get disconnected from all Front end servers.


Will be executed on instance termination.

May 17, 2011


WEB Nginx/PHP SVN checkout application - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Description : This script will checkout latest revision of PHP application code from specified SVN server. It will keep the previously deployed revision as backup. The latest revision of PHP application code will to checked out to /var/www/current


May 17, 2011


WEB Nginx/PHP install packages - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Installs PHP, Nginx and fact-cgi packages


In CentOS ,attached RPM package is used to install NginX, since there are some issues in using Nginx package available in repository.

First Launch

The script will be executed and required

May 17, 2011


WEB Nginx/PHP DB connection configure - 11H2.a1 by RightScale

Creates a db.php file that includes the parameters needed for the application to connect to the database. (For example: user credentials, schema name, DNS, etc.).

May 17, 2011