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SYS Timezone set v1 by RightScale

Sets the server timezone.


Updates the timezone to the one specified in the SYS_TZINFO input var selected from the pull-down menu. If "localtime" is selected then the timezone will not be changed from the current/installed setting.


Leave set and skip on a reboot. If you

Oct 25, 2010


MAIL Postfix Local Delivery v2 by RightScale

This script corrects the problem with emails not being able to be delivered locally.

Oct 22, 2010


SYS Syslog Remote Logging Client v8 by RightScale

This delta-set is for configuring syslog-ng to do remote logging. $SYSLOG_SERVER - Server to send logs to.

This RightScript is ONLY compatible with v5 RightImages. This will NOT work with a v4 image. For v4 images you MUST use SYS Syslog Remote Logging Client v7.

Oct 25, 2010


RB install s3sync by RightScale

Installs the rubygem for s3sync

Oct 16, 2010


WEB apache vhost non-rails configure v2 by RightScale

Configures a virtual host for a non-rails site.

Oct 16, 2010


WEB app s3 code checkout v4 by RightScale

Checkout the sources from an s3 tarball. Skips the update/retrieval of code if the bucket and package are not set.

Oct 04, 2010


Add New User by sdtest


Apr 14, 2011