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LB app to HA proxy disconnect v2 by RightScale

Contacts and configures the predefined load balancer instance to stop forwarding traffic to all existing application ports configured in all load balancer instances associated with LB_HOSTNAME.

Apr 16, 2010


WEB apache (re)start v2 by RightScale

Will start or re-start apache.

Apr 01, 2010


Install Ruby on Rails support for DB2 by IBM

About this script

This script installs the Apache web server, Mongrel application server, Rails framework, and the IBM Ruby driver and Rails adapter for the DB2 and IDS database

Apr 05, 2010


Install Radiant CMS by IBM

This script installs Radiant CMS from RubyGems and customizes it with a DB2 on Rails template (based on the default Roasters template).

Apr 05, 2010


Talend-LandingPage by Talend

install welcome page on apache.

Mar 18, 2010


HQ Server Install by Hyperic

Installs Hyperic HQE Server using AMI provided Sun JVM. Configuration specific for MySQL backend, which can be local or remote, but database and database user must be configured seperately from this script.

Mar 17, 2010

Dyn Inc Host Update to Current IP (EC2) by Dyn Inc

This RightScript takes a Username, Password, and DNS hostname to be updated whenever this script is executed. The script will detect the instance's public IP address, and push that as a Dynamic DNS update to

Mar 09, 2010