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Gluster Inc

Gluster set support level by Gluster Inc

Mar 04, 2011

RightScale Services

SYS Monitoring MySQL Slave I/O Add v1 by RightScale Services

Adds a custom Exec plugin to collectd for monitoring of slave I/O threads being enabled on MySQL slave.

  • Restarts the collectd daemon after configured

Mar 01, 2011


Feb 19, 2011


Feb 19, 2011


SYS Monitoring install v9 by RightScale

Installs and configures monitoring data collection for RightScale. Uses collectd 4.*. The MON_PROCESSES can be a (space separated) list of processes to monitor, such as "httpd mysqld".

This RightScript is ONLY compatible with v5 RightImages. This will NOT work with a v4 image. For v4 images you MUS

Oct 26, 2010


template test - db setup by RightScale

Dec 10, 2010

Pileus Inc

SPAIO::B015::UserAccountPasswords by Pileus Inc

Gathers passwords for service accounts and for sharepoint farm recovery. Info is saved to config.xml.

Jan 05, 2011