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DB EBS create backup scripts v2

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Published by RightScale on Jul 23, 2010Revision: 5


Creates the scripts for performing EBS backups.


This script will create a script to that performs binary backups of Master or Slave Database Servers. The backup will be in the form of an EBS snapshot with the name of the DB contents as specified by EBS_DB_NAME input. Master DB instances will be detected based on the MASTERDB_DNSNAME matching the instance primary IP.

The last 60 snapshots are kept by default. This can be changed by setting the DB_BACKUP_KEEP_LAST input variable before launching a new server - all servers should use the same value so it is advised keep the default or to set this variable at the deployment level. This Rightscript requires the installation of rightscale dbtools and the identity key.

First Launch

All backup scripts are installed.


Revision 5 | Jul 23, 2010

Updates from comments at Demo

Revision 4 | Jun 02, 2010

GA Release

Revision 3 | Dec 23, 2009

Sprint 15 release candidate.


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