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DB EBS restore RabbitMQ stripe volume - 11H1

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Published by RightScale Services on May 18, 2012Revision: 2


Restores the database from an EBS snapshot (backup). This script is useful for reverting your database back to a specific backup. Typically, OPT_DB_FORCE_RESTORE = False or Ignore. However, if set to True, the script will overwrite any existing database. So if a database does exist, any attached EBS volumes will be detached and deleted, and a new EBS volume or striped volume set will be created, attached and mounted to the instance. By default, the most recent backup will be used unless you use the override inputs (OPT_DB_RESTORE_LINEAGE_OVERRIDE, OPT_DB_RESTORE_TIMESTAMP_OVERRIDE) to select a specific backup.

This script is part of RightScale's Database Manager.


Revision 2 | May 18, 2012


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