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DB EBS restore and become master v2

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Published by RightScale on Oct 05, 2010Revision: 17


Restores the database from the most recent EBS snapshot.


  • Restores the most recent backup from an EBS snapshot.
  • Configures the DB to be a master.
  • Makes the Master DB DNS entry point to itself.


  • Skipped on REBOOT.

NOTE: Currently, this command should only be used to bootstrap the DB system on an empty DB when no other instances of the same DB are running.


Revision 17 | Oct 05, 2010

Revision 16 | Aug 16, 2010

Removed unused EBS_STRIPE_COUNT input variable.

Revision 15 | Jul 21, 2010

Interim testing version

Revision 14 | Jun 08, 2010

improved description

Revision 7 | Apr 28, 2010

Changed drop down input to text for MASTER_DB_DNSID

Revision 6 | Dec 22, 2009

Promoted to Beta status.


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