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DB EBS slave init and grow stripe volume - 11H1

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Published by RightScale on Oct 03, 2012Revision: 7


Performs the same operation as the "DB EBS slave init" RightScript except you also have the added ability of creating a larger stripe volume during the restoration process by using the EBS_TOTAL_VOLUME_GROUP_SIZE input. Converts a running MySQL DB instance to become a Slave-DB of an existing Master-DB. It will restore the DB contents by creating an EBS volume(s) out of the most recent EBS snapshot(s) based on the specified DB_LINEAGE_NAME input. It will also set the Slave-DB server's DNS entry to point to the instance's private IP.

This script is part of RightScale's Database Manager.


Revision 7 | Oct 03, 2012

Revision 4 | Mar 18, 2011


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