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DB EBS slave init at boot v1

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Published by RightScale on Dec 23, 2009Revision: 9


First Boot Slave Start


This script performs two actions: * Makes a local Slave copy of the current Master DB. * Starts this server as a MySQL Slave to a Master DB.

It also sets up the correct configuration file for a reboot to continue the slave role.

First Launch

Boot-time version of slave initialization. Can be enabled/disabled by setting:

  • SLAVE INIT AT BOOT = true/false

NOTE: Setting the value to $ignore is equivalent to true.

When enabled, it performs the same actions as its counterpart in the operational script's list: It converts a running DB instance to be a slave of an existing Master DB. It will snapshot and pull the necessary files of the running master. It will set the slave dns entry to point to the instance's ip.


No action is taken at all. MySQL just restarts and resumes its past role. * If the Slave was started, it continues. * If the Slave was not started, it stays the same.


Revision 9 | Dec 23, 2009

GA Release Candidate.

Revision 8 | Aug 13, 2009

Sprint 12 release - 08/10/09


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