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DB EBS slave init at boot v2

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Published by RightScale on Aug 16, 2010Revision: 12


First Boot Slave Start


This RightScript performs the following actions: * Makes a local Slave copy of the current Master DB. * Starts this server as a MySQL Slave to a Master DB. * Sets up the correct configuration file for a reboot to continue the slave role.

First Launch

Boot-time version of slave initialization. Can be enabled/disabled by setting:

  • INIT_SLAVE_AT_BOOT = true/false

NOTE: Setting the value to $ignore is equivalent to true.

When enabled, it performs the same actions as its counterpart in the operational script's list: * Converts a running DB instance to be a slave of an existing Master DB. * Snapshot and pull the necessary files of the running master. * Set the slave DNS entry to point to the instance's IP.


No action is taken at all. MySQL just restarts and resumes its past role. * If the Slave was started, it continues. * If the Slave was not started, it stays the same.


Revision 12 | Aug 16, 2010

Removed unused EBS_STRIPE_COUNT input variable.

Revision 11 | Jul 21, 2010

Interim testing version

Revision 10 | Jun 15, 2010

now supports version check override (w-3506)

Revision 9 | Jun 07, 2010

Slave backup no longer taken directly after slave init (w-3491)

Revision 5 | Dec 22, 2009

Promoted to Beta status.


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