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DB MySQL server install v7

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Published by RightScale on Jul 22, 2009Revision: 8


Install MySQL on server, configured and started.


Configures MySQL with one of the predefined templates based on the value of $DB_SERVER_FOOTPRINT.

Currently 2 main option types exist:

  • dedicated (where the mysql config allocates all existing resources of the machine)
  • shared (where the mysql is configured to use less resources so that it can be run concurrently with other apps like apache and rails for example)

Different types of dedicated or shared might appear later. The name of the input variable must match the name of an attachment, without the extension.

First launch

Installed and configures database. All old configuration is replaced and mysql is installed with a new mysql default database. This version of the script will configure the placements of binlogs in a directory different from the data directory.


This script is skipped on a REBOOT of the server. The MySQL Server is restarted.


Revision 8 | Jul 22, 2009

Makes script compatible with corresponding db_tools

Revision 6 | Dec 23, 2008

Sprint 7 (12/22/2008) release


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