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DB RabbitMQ EBS continuous backups - 11H1

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Published by RightScale Services on May 18, 2012Revision: 2


Updates the crontab for taking continuous binary backups of an EBS-based database. Backups are saved as EBS snapshots of the attached EBS Volume or EBS (Volume) Stripe.


This RightScript performs continuous backups of Master or Slave database servers in the form of EBS snapshots. The name of the created snapshots will be based on the DB_LINEAGE_NAME input. Snapshot names include a timestamp and role identifier. (Ex: mydb-master-201012080300) Tags are used to identify all volumes and their position in the EBS Stripe. This script is part of RightScale's Database Manager.

For the Master-DB (identified by the MASTER_DB_DNSNAME input), backups will be taken every 4 hours (by default). For the Slave-DB, backups will be taken every hour (by default). The last 60 snapshots are kept by default. Although it's advised to keep the default backup settings, you can use the related inputs to customize the frequency of the backups.


Requires the installation of RightScale dbtools and the identity key. Use the "DB Rightscale tools install" script.

First Launch

All backup scripts are installed and the crontab is updated to perform the backups as described.


No actions are taken. The current crontab is not altered. If backups are turned On/Off with a local edit or with an operational script, they are left untouched on a reboot.


Revision 2 | May 18, 2012


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