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DB Rightscale tools install v10

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Published by RightScale on Dec 23, 2009Revision: 17


Installs rightscale DB tools (both EBS and S3 based).


Installs DB tools into /opt/rightscale/db.

This version adds fragmented files and parallel backups. Many new improvements in alerts, backup cleanup, slave rotations, directory filenames... Fixes retrieving restoring backups with more that 1000 fragments. Also increases the number of retries before bailing out.

This version of the DB tool supports EBS volumes with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly rotation of EBS snapshots.

On First Launch

Installs all tools


Skips all operations. Leaves all configurations the same. Gem is not updated.


Revision 17 | Dec 23, 2009

GA Release Candidate.

Revision 16 | Aug 11, 2009

Sprint 12 release - 08/10/09


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