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DNS Register IP (v14.2)

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Published by RightScale on Jun 05, 2013Revision: 11 This component has been superseded. Get the current version here


This script updates IP address of existing domain record with specific IP address or private or public IP of the current instance. Following DNS providers are supported: DNSMadeEasy, DynDNS, Rackspace Cloud DNS (both US and UK regions), Route 53. Note, that the script uses the same set of inputs DNS_* for all supported DNS provider. Please refer to inputs' descriptions for more details.

Note also, that this script uses additional powershell libraries to support Rackspace Cloud DNS and Route 53 which are installed by "SYS Install RightScale Powershell library" script. The domain record to be updated should be already registered.


Revision 25 | Feb 26, 2014

Revision 24 | Feb 25, 2014

updated to use Rackspace API 2.0 for authentication

Revision 16 | Aug 09, 2013

Revision 11 | Jun 05, 2013

Revision 10 | Mar 06, 2013

Revision 8 | Jan 10, 2013

Revision 7 | Jul 26, 2012

Revision 6 | Jun 28, 2012


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