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EBS continuous backups v2

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Published by RightScale on Jul 23, 2010Revision: 5


Updates the crontab for EBS snapshot backups, and installs the scripts required for manual backups.


This script will perform continuous EBS backups of the mounted EBS volume. The backup will be in the form of an EBS snapshot set named with the value of the EBS LINEAGE, and the date.

Snapshots will be taken hourly by default, but can be manually adjusted using the EBS BACKUP FREQUENCY input. This input uses standard crontab syntax. If this input is left blank, the script will revert to hourly backups.

The last 60 snapshots are kept by default. This can be changed by setting the EBS BACKUP KEEP LAST input variable before launching a new server - all servers should use the same value so it is advised keep the default or to set this variable at the deployment level.

Additionally, the script can be configured to keep daily, weekly, monthly and yearly snapshots. This allows you to keep snapshots on a schedule. These parameters must be set before launching a new server. Complete Documentation on this feature is available from our support portal. Archiving of EBS Snaphots

This RightScript requires the installation of RightScale ebstools, which can be installed from the RightScript "EBS Rightscale tools install".

First Launch

A backup script is installed as "/usr/local/bin/ebs-backup.rb" and the crontab is updated to perform the backups as described.


No actions are taken. The current crontab is not altered. If backups are turned on or off with a local edit or the operational script they are left untouched on Reboot.


Revision 5 | Jul 23, 2010

Updates from comments at Demo

Revision 3 | Dec 22, 2009

Sprint 15 release candidate.


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