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EBS freeze volume backups

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Published by RightScale on Dec 29, 2009Revision: 3


Prevent the continuous backup tasks from being executed.


When this RightScript is executed, it comments out a line in "/ect/crontab" which is inserted by the "EBS volume continuous backups" boot script. Commenting out this task prevents the cron daemon from running automatic backups of the EBS volume. Manual backups may still be executed from the operational script "EBS volume backup".

This RightScript requires the following RightScript dependencies: * EBS Rightscale tools install * EBS volume continuous backups


Revision 3 | Dec 29, 2009

Sprint 15 release - 12/29/09

Revision 2 | Jun 26, 2009

Sprint 11 release - 06/25/09


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