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EBS stripe volume restore v2

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Published by RightScale on Jul 28, 2010Revision: 5


Restores a filesystem from the latest EBS snapshot.


Restores the latest backup from the EBS snapshot lineage defined in EBS LINEAGE. Optionally, EBS LINEAGE PREFIX OVERRIDE can be used to override this setting, and restore from a different snapshot lineage.

Once attached, the EBS filesystem will be mounted on on the path defined in EBS MOUNT POINT.

This RightScript requires the following RightScript dependencies: * EBS Rightscale tools install * EBS volume continuous backups


Skipped on REBOOT.


Revision 5 | Jul 28, 2010

Changed name based on services input #3541

Revision 3 | Dec 22, 2009

Sprint 15 release candidate.


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