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Install SQL 2008 R2 SP2 Express

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Published by RightScale Open Source on Oct 15, 2012Revision: 3


This script manages the installation of SQL 2008r2 SP2 Express from a downloaded package as specified in the supplied runtime inputs.

This install process will:

  • Create a working folder
  • Download the specific installer for SQL 2008r2 SP2 Express based on the version selected
  • Run a silent install of SQL 2008r2 SP2 Express with all defaults except those overrides set via inputs
  • Clean up by deleting the working folder if it was originally created.

Remember to enable TCP or Named Pipes if you're planning on accessing this server remotely. This script does not open up the Windows Firewall either so this will either need to be done in a separate script (several available within existing ServerTemplates) or this script should be imported, cloned and modified to handle opening up firewall ports as needed.

To use this as a script within a server's boot scripts, this process will create an environment variable flag specific to the install type (SQLEXPRESS_INSTALLTYPE) specified.


Revision 3 | Oct 15, 2012

Committing boot-safe script


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