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Published by Vertica on Jan 28, 2010Revision: 40


Installs Vertica


Revision 40 | Jan 28, 2010

Script fixed for both 3.0.x and 3.5.x

Revision 38 | Jan 26, 2010

su - dbadmin instead of su dbadmin

Revision 37 | Dec 10, 2009

Add a '-' to su, to make sure the dbadmin user will not be executing commands within /root

Revision 35 | Aug 26, 2009

Large changes to add_node and install vertica script Sets up passwordless ssh between all nodes, and correctly configures the nodes to be put into the cluster. Has been tested for a 3 node cluster.

Revision 33 | Jul 04, 2009

updates for 3.0.7. Default vertica module in webmin and add robots.txt.


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