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NFS Additional Sync

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Published by RightScale on Aug 13, 2009Revision: 2


Copies the delta of the files in NFS mounted directories every minute. (That is, it synchronizes the files.)

  • Builds a crontab entry such that this script runs every minute (if the Master is not already syncing)
  • Uses rsync for the data transfer. Options are: archive mode; compress during transfer; verbose; delete files on the target side that are not on the sending side (of directories that are being synchronized).
  • Source: All directories/files as specified by NFSDIRS input on host NFSSERVER
  • Target: /mnt/ on the local server instance
  • Includes cron file management and service restart
  • Includes log file entries and management


Revision 2 | Aug 13, 2009

Sprint 12 release - 08/10/09


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