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RG RightGrid gem install v1.3.0

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Published by RightScale on Jun 11, 2009Revision: 2


Installs RightGrid gem v1.3.0 . This version is compatible with SQS Generation 2 only! If you still need to run from Generation 1 SQS queues, use RightGrid 1.1.5 instead.

RG 1.3.0 has considerable changes - 1. A better idle suicide algorithm for workers. 2. It does not support persistent invocation any more. 3. Bug Fix: The message in the result/output queue is now a serialized ruby hash.

The documentation for the v1.3.0 is here


Revision 2 | Jun 11, 2009

RightGrid gem v1.3.0. Included the link for documentation in the description.


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