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RMQ 2.8.x Enable Plugins

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Published by RightScale Services on Apr 19, 2012Revision: 1


Enables Plugins in RMQ 2.8x+ Plugin List: amqpclient eldap erlando mochiweb rabbitmqauthbackendldap rabbitmqauthmechanismssl rabbitmqconsistenthashexchange rabbitmqfederation rabbitmqjsonrpc rabbitmqjsonrpcchannel rabbitmqjsonrpcchannelexamples rabbitmqmanagement rabbitmqmanagementagent rabbitmqmanagementvisualiser rabbitmqmochiweb rabbitmqshovel rabbitmqshovelmanagement rabbitmqstomp rabbitmqtracing rfc4627_jsonrpc webmachine

Some of these are already enabled in the installer when choosing 'admin mode'.


Revision 1 | Apr 19, 2012


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