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SYS Monitoring jcollectd Add v1

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Published by RightScale on Mar 02, 2010Revision: 3


This RightScript sets up jcollectd-0.1.0 with the basic setting for monitoring TomCat. Users can add more monitoring attributes to the jcollectd configuration file inside collectd.jar. For monitoring Java application, users can use this RightScript as a sample; for detailed information, please visit jcollectd official site via the link above.

NOTE: the collectd.jar has been modified to use 10 seconds sampling interval.
NOTE: this RightScript will setup jcollectd for both tomcat5 and tomcat6 if they are installed. It expects the TomCat structure come from default TomCat CentOS package.


Revision 3 | Mar 02, 2010

release candidate

Revision 2 | Aug 11, 2009

Sprint 12 release - 08/10/09


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