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SYS lvm install v1

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Published by RightScale on Jun 17, 2010Revision: 3


Format /mnt as an LVM Drive with XFS Filesystem.


Converts the available disks on this instance as one LVM group. The size of volume can be manually specified by the user as the percent of the total space on the new logical volume.

First Launch

  • For small images, it installs a newer version of patched kernel module.
  • Dismounts old filesystem.
  • Wipes all past data.
  • Configures LVM as a RAID 0 with all drives striped.
  • Creates a new XFS File system.
  • Mounts the new filesystem on /mnt


  • On reboot of this server this script skips all actions and just remounts the filesystem.

Notes and Warnings * NOTICE: This RightScript is compatible with CentOS and Ubuntu * WARNING: This DELETES ALL the contents of /mnt from before this script! * WARNING: this script is not compatible with DB tools lower than v7 (<0.14.0)!


Revision 3 | Jun 17, 2010

adding LVM stripe on ephemeral disks

Revision 2 | May 10, 2010

fixes EBS volume not attached in time for MySQL startup


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