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Published by IBM on Dec 02, 2009Revision: 2


About this script

This script installs the Mongrel application server, Rails framework, and the IBM Ruby driver and Rails adapter for the DB2 and IDS databases.


  • This script uses the RubyGems package manager to get all of the components from public repositories. As a result, this script may take a while, with 10 minutes or longer not being uncommon.


This scripts installs the latest available versions of the RubyGems, Rails, Mongrel, and the IBM Ruby driver and Rails adapter (ibm_db). If you want to install a particular version of these gems, use --version option on the gem install command in the script. For example, to install Rails version 2.3.4 use this command:

gem install rails --version 2.3.4

Additional information

To learn about IBM support for Ruby on Rails for DB2 databases visit To learn more about DB2 database and specifically the free version DB2 Express-C visit DB2 Express-C home page.


Revision 2 | Dec 02, 2009

Initial public release.

Revision 1 | Oct 27, 2009

First commit


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