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Toga2 Cron Setup

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Published by Large Animal on Mar 23, 2012Revision: 2


Updates the crontab for Toga cron jobs


This script sets up the crontab to run actions for toga php cron scripts which are meant to run on on one or more hrs or minutes, and can run multiple processes at each cron run.

This script can be run as a boot script, or as an operational, and will alter the crontab/create the bash scripts needed as appropriate. It can be used to change the frequency of scripts, or whether they are enabled.

It should be run last (or in any case, after all other cron altering scripts) are done.

NOTE: the main cron php scrip (cron.php) should only be included in the master servers list of cron scripts to run.

NOTE: all php cron scripts that are installed by this fellow except 2 and only 2 args from the command line: <document_root> and <server_host> in that order.


Revision 2 | Mar 23, 2012


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