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Toga2 Setup Webapps Folders

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Published by Large Animal on Aug 26, 2011Revision: 2


This script exists to setup all the folders needed on to serve toga. This includes a base webapps dir (which, if this server supports ftp, will become the home directory for the ftp user), define the path the the actual files directory (which has to exist for certain drupal functions - and if this server uses an ebs volume to persist local files will be under the EBS volume path); the name for the current and the releases folders, etc. All of these will be used by other scripts, but we want to define an all, here, to cover all our bases.

NOTE: if this server uses an EBS volume, this script should be run after the ebs volume has been added.


Revision 2 | Aug 26, 2011

Revision 1 | Nov 18, 2010


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