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WEB Apache base install (v12.11.4-LTS)

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Published by RightScale on Nov 27, 2012Revision: 2 This component has been superseded. Get the current version here


Installs and configures Apache.


Installs the apache package with the mpm model specified by the APACHE_MPM input variable. PHP is disabled by default. It also moves www and log dirs to /mnt. Disable client keepalives (stated in HAProxy documentation). Configures the server threads for high traffic.

On First Launch

Installs and configures Apache.


Just restarts configuration as it was before the reboot. Does not alter configuration files on reboot.


Revision 3 | Oct 15, 2013

Revision 2 | Nov 27, 2012

Revision 1 | Jun 29, 2012


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