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WEB apache base install v7

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Published by RightScale on May 26, 2010Revision: 7


Apache Install and configure


Installs the apache package with the mpm model specified by the input variable. PHP is disabled by default. It also moves www and log dirs to /mnt. Disable client keepalives (stated in Haproxy documentation). Configures the server threads for high traffic.

On First Launch

Installs and configures.


Just restarts configuration as it was before the reboot. Does not alter configuration files on reboot.


Revision 7 | May 26, 2010

Updated MCI's with AP

Revision 6 | May 06, 2010

Create log dir on start to support start/stop

Revision 5 | Apr 01, 2010

Removed RS_BASE_OS

Revision 4 | Dec 04, 2009

fixed a2enmod

Revision 3 | Aug 11, 2009

Sprint 12 release - 08/10/09


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