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Published by Papertrail on Sep 27, 2011Revision: 1


Log management as a one-click hosted service.

About this RightScript

Send syslog messages to Papertrail. This script:

  • Detects existing syslog daemon (rsyslog or syslog-ng)
  • Locates its config file(s)
  • Add a log destination to Papertrail


  • Install as boot script. Logs start flowing immediately. No other changes are necessary.
  • Requires a free Papertrail account.
  • See companion RightScript to aggregate app, database, and any other text log files.

About Papertrail

Use Papertrail to aggregate, tail, and search log messages from your RightScale instances, apps (like Apache, nginx, MySQL, redis, and any other log files), RightLink chef deployments, and any other text data sources. Then:

  • save useful searches
  • create a single view with related event streams
  • enable team-wide visibility
  • notify external services of important events
  • automatically archive
  • access via Web, command-line, and API


Revision 1 | Sep 27, 2011

Initial release.


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