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Trend Micro

Trend Micro SecureCloud Agent Installers - Win & Linux v2 by Trend Micro

This Toolbox contains both RightScripts to install SecureCloud on either Windows or Linux platforms. Those RightScripts enable you to encrypt your data in supported cloud providers. SecureCloud authenticates the virtual server identity and integrity based on customizable rules set by the administrat

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Feb 16, 2012


LAMP All-In-One with MySQL 5.1 Masezou by Masezou

Added EBS image on every cloud. EBSイメージを追加しました。これでt1.microでも起動可能です。 基本的には、LAMP All-In-One with MySQL 5.1と同じです。

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Feb 08, 2012

RightScale Engineering

QA Library Base Test ServerTemplate with EULA by RightScale Engineering

INTERNAL USE ONLY: to be used by RightScale Engineering for testing ServerTemplate publications with EULA

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Jan 18, 2012

RightScale Open Source

Rackspace Toolbox for Windows by RightScale Open Source

This is a RightScale OSS ServerTemplate supported by the community only and is an alpha release not recommended for production systems.

This 'Toolbox' ServerTemplate is not designed to launch a server instance. This server template contains operational scripts you can re-use in your templates

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Dec 05, 2011

Double Down Interactive

Ubuntu+Monitoring by Double Down Interactive

ubuntu + monitoring

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Nov 18, 2011


LAMP All-In-One with wordpress JP- 11H1 by Masezou



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Oct 29, 2011


Multi-Cloud Storage Mirroring Manager by BuildFax

A ServerTemplate that launches a lightweight server that can mirror one or more buckets/containers either (a) from Amazon S3 to Rackspace CloudFiles or (b) from Rackspace CloudFiles to Amazon S3. This ServerTemplate is built specifically for the "Set Up and Run Multi-Cloud Mirroring" RightScript.

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Oct 14, 2011