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Apache2 SSL Reverse Proxy - Alpha1

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Published by Mentor Solutions Application Team - Ryan Geyer on Feb 11, 2011Revision: 2


A reverse proxy server configured using Apache2. This is intended to overcome the issue of having only a single assignable IP address for any EC2 instance. Setting one of these server instances up allows you to use the IP address assigned to it to forward traffic to a single backend box which may be running many SSL sites on different ports.

Effectively, you're paying $6.11(reserved) or $15.60(on-demand) per month for an additional IP address. This makes the most sense if you're running a single (big) windows instance to back many of these proxies, which coincidentally is exactly the way that we're using it.


  • Why not use nginx?

    I probably will in the future since it's a bit more conservative about memory and CPU use, but I needed to create this reasonably quickly and get it working in our environment. I was comfortable with Apache2 and knew it could do the job, so it was the easy choice for rapid deployment.

  • What's up with the "Alpha" designation?

    This ServerTemplate uses Chef, which is still in beta on the RightScale management platform, plus this is the first revision of the ServerTemplate to be published. That said, this ServerTemplate is in use in production in our environment, and has been tested pretty thoroughly. Feel free to let me know if you have any problems with this!

  • How come no load balancing?

    There are other ServerTemplates for that, and our use case doesn't necessitate load balancing.


  • Add support for a maintenance page/mode
  • Add support for a (god forbid) outage page/mode


  • Cookbook: zendframework v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: web_apache v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: vsftpd v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: utils v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: rubygems v0.2.1.5

  • Cookbook: rs_utils v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: rs_sandbox v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: rjg_utils v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: repo_git v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: repo v0.1.0.5

  • Cookbook: apache2 v0.12.2.5

  • Cookbook: app_php v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: app_rails v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: app_wordpress v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: aws v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: cron v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: php5 v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: gitosis v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: mail_postfix v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: mysql v0.24.4.5

  • Cookbook: openldap v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook: openssl v0.1.0.5

  • Cookbook: db_mysql v0.0.1.5

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of Linux RightLink 5.6 Compatible

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of Linux RightLink 5.6 Compatible

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of Linux RightLink 5.6 Compatible

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of Linux RightLink 5.6 Compatible

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_10.04_i386_v5.6_EBS [rev 8]

  • Recipe: web_apache::install_apache

  • Recipe: rs_utils::default

  • Recipe: aws::default

  • Recipe: web_apache::configure_ssl_reverse_proxy

  • RepoPath: Linux RightLink 5.6 Compatible [rev 5]

  • See More


Revision 2 | Feb 11, 2011

* Fixed AWS-S3 Errors & Poor Reporting * Fixed rewrite log file name * Fixed document root & system/maintenance.html paths.

Revision 1 | Jan 18, 2011

Initial Commit.. Alpha1


B2114497d190f10123ea1b50cdcda081Eli Stair on Oct 20, 2011 | Re: v1

Can you provide a more specific/technical description of what this implements? I'm curious if you're just setting up an SNI SSL-offload proxy here, and forward the non-encrypted stream to backend VHOSTS? Thanks, /eli


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