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Base ServerTemplate for Linux Alpha (v14.0.0)

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Published by RightScale on Mar 14, 2014Revision: 13


This is an Alpha ServerTemplate -- the codebase is under heavy development and the content and functionality may change significantly before the next version. Please provide feedback on our feedback forums, file support tickets on our support site, or participate in the development process on our community site.

This ServerTemplate is on the Infinity Lineage. For the latest LTS version, see the LTS Lineage
For a description of the Infinity and LTS lineages, see ServerTemplate Release Methodology

This ServerTemplate is a starting point for custom ServerTemplate development in Linux.

The source for all cookbooks can be downloaded from here.

Key Features:

  • Basic set of recipes for a RightLink-based server with logging, monitoring, alerts, tagging, etc.
  • MultiCloud Images that reference the latest supported images with a frozen software repository date that has been tested.
  • Basic set of alerts for most server type monitoring.
  • Examples of system-required input variables.


Supported public compute clouds:

  • Amazon Web Services EC2

Supported MultiCloud Images:

  • CentOS 6 - Amazon
  • Ubuntu 12.04 - Amazon


  • Cookbook: swap v0.3.6

  • Cookbook: rsyslog v1.8.0.2

  • Cookbook: collectd v1.1.0

  • Cookbook: ephemeral_lvm v1.0.2

  • Cookbook: rs-machine_tag v1.0.0.2

  • Cookbook: lvm v1.0.4

  • Cookbook: machine_tag v1.0.2

  • Cookbook: marker v1.0.0.2

  • Cookbook: ntp v1.4.0.2

  • Cookbook: rs-base v1.0.0.4

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.5_x64_v14.0.0_RC1 [rev 6]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v14.0.0_RC1 [rev 7]

  • Recipe: ephemeral_lvm::default

  • Recipe: rs-base::swap

  • Recipe: rs-base::rsyslog

  • Recipe: rs-machine_tag::default

  • Recipe: rs-base::ntp

  • Recipe: rs-base::collectd

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Revision 13 | Mar 14, 2014

v14.0.0 Alpha Release



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