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CloudStack Management Server Single-Node 4.0+

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Published by Ryan Geyer on Dec 19, 2012Revision: 5


Configures a CloudStack 4.0.x Single Node Management Server. Based on the RightScale Database Manager for MySQL 5.1.

This template also enables an OpenVPN server which uses a self signed SSL/TLS certificate for encryption and authentication. You can fetch a client configuration and key pair with the following;

scp root@hostname-or-ip-of-this-server:/etc/openvpn/keys/remote.tar.gz .

The default URL for the CloudStack management dashboard is; http://hostname-or-ip-of-this-server:8080/client

The Default login is; admin/password

See the source cookbook for more information.

------------------ Original Right Scale Database Manager Description -------------------------

This ServerTemplate is on the Infinity Lineage. For the latest LTS version, see the 12-LTS Release
For a description of the Infinity and LTS lineages, see ServerTemplate Release Methodology

Configures a MySQL 5.1 database server. This ServerTemplate provides a high-availability master/slave database configuration that can be used as the backbone for a variety of applications and workloads.

The ServerTemplate supports multiple clouds, using either instance-based storage or attachable volumes. Instance-based snapshot backups are automatically uploaded to your choice of remote object storage (Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, or SoftLayer Object Storage). It also includes iptables management for clouds that do not have firewall services.

For the latest version of MySQL, see Database Manager for MySQL 5.5

Key Features: * Master or slave roles. * Uses attachable volumes or instance-based LVM volumes for primary backup. * Supports a secondary, disaster-recovery backup to S3, Cloud Files, or SoftLayer Object Storage remote object stores. * Support for striping of external volumes for faster database performance. * Continuous snapshot backups using a grandfather-father-son paradigm (on clouds with volume support). * Assisted database restoration, including stripe re-creation. * Provides scripts for master to slave fail-over, restoration of master, and more. * Choice of DNS providers (DNS Made Easy, DynDNS, AWS Route53, CloudDNS). * iptables management within a three-tier scalable web architecture for clouds that do not have firewall services. * Pre-configured monitoring and alerts.

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Release Notes:
Database Manager for MySQL 5.1 Release Notes

Application versions: * MySQL 5.1.55

Supported compute clouds: * Amazon Web Services EC2 * Citrix CloudStack (2.2 and Acton) * Datapipe * Google Compute Engine * HP Cloud * IDC Frontier * Logicworks * Rackspace * Rackspace Open Cloud * SoftLayer * Windows Azure

Supported backup clouds: * Amazon Web Services S3 * Azure Storage * Google Cloud Storage * Rackspace CloudFiles * SoftLayer Object Storage

Supported primary backup methods: * Volume snapshots: AWS EC2, Citrix CloudStack, Windows Azure * Remote Object Store Upload: AWS S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, SoftLayer Object Storage

Supported MultiCloud Images: * CentOS 6 - Amazon, Google, CloudStack, Datapipe, HP, IDC Frontier, Logicworks, OpenStack, Rackspace, Rackspace Open Cloud, SoftLayer, Windows Azure * RHEL 6 - Amazon


  • Cookbook: znc v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: zendframework v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: web_apache v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: vsftpd v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: utils v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: uox3 v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: unicorn v0.0.2.4

  • Cookbook: sys_ntp v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: sys_firewall v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: sys_dns v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: sys v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: svn v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: softlayer v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: skeme v0.0.6.4

  • Cookbook: scheduler v0.0.2.4

  • Cookbook: rvm v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: runit v0.13.0.4

  • Cookbook: ruby v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: rs_sandbox v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: rjg_utils v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: rjg_aws v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: rightscale v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: rightgrid v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: repo_svn v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: repo_rsync v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: repo_ros v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: repo_git v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: repo_ftp v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: repo v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: rax_rebundler v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: rails_enterprise v0.1.1.4

  • Cookbook: rails v0.9.2.4

  • Cookbook: iptables v0.9.3.4

  • Cookbook: phpmyadmin v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: php5 v0.0.2.4

  • Cookbook: passenger_apache2 v0.16.3.4

  • Cookbook: openvpn v0.99.2.4

  • Cookbook: openssl v0.1.0.4

  • Cookbook: openldap v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: nginx v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: mysql v0.23.1.4

  • Cookbook: mrclean v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: mongod v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: memcached v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: mail_postfix v0.0.2.4

  • Cookbook: logrotate v0.8.1.4

  • Cookbook: logging_syslog_ng v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: logging_rsyslog v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: logging v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: lnmp_aio v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: lb_haproxy v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: lb_elb v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: lb_clb v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: lb v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: lamp v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: apache2 v1.0.0.4

  • Cookbook: app v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: app_django v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: app_passenger v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: app_php v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: app_tomcat v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: app_wordpress v0.0.2.4

  • Cookbook: block_device v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: build-essential v1.0.0.4

  • Cookbook: cloudstack v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: cloudstack_single_node v0.1.0.4

  • Cookbook: cron v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: databags v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: db v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: db_mysql v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: db_postgres v13.2.0.4

  • Cookbook: deb_package v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: ebs_conductor v0.0.3.4

  • Cookbook: git v0.8.0.4

  • Cookbook: gitosis v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: handbrake v0.0.1.4

  • Cookbook: python v1.0.6.4

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of CloudStack Management Server Single-Node

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of CloudStack Management Server Single-Node

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of CloudStack Management Server Single-Node

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of CloudStack Management Server Single-Node

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of CloudStack Management Server Single-Node

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8 [rev 22]

  • MultiCloudImage: SoftLayerImage_Storage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8 [rev 2]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8_XenServer [rev 8]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8_KVM [rev 11]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8_HVM_EBS [rev 4]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.3_x64_v5.8_EBS [rev 5]

  • Recipe: db::do_secondary_restore_and_become_master

  • Recipe: openvpn::default

  • Recipe: logging::default

  • Recipe: rightscale::default

  • Recipe: rightscale::install_file_stats_collectd_plugin

  • Recipe: rightscale::install_tools

  • Recipe: sys::do_reconverge_list_disable

  • Recipe: sys::do_reconverge_list_enable

  • Recipe: db_mysql::setup_server_5_1

  • Recipe: db::setup_replication_privileges

  • Recipe: db::setup_monitoring

  • Recipe: db::request_master_deny

  • Recipe: db::request_master_allow

  • Recipe: db::install_server

  • Recipe: db::handle_demote_master

  • Recipe: openvpn::users

  • Recipe: sys::setup_swap

  • Recipe: db::do_secondary_backup

  • Recipe: db::do_promote_to_master

  • Recipe: db::do_primary_restore_and_become_master

  • Recipe: db::do_primary_restore

  • Recipe: db::do_primary_init_slave

  • Recipe: db::do_primary_backup_schedule_enable

  • Recipe: db::do_primary_backup_schedule_disable

  • Recipe: db::do_primary_backup

  • Recipe: db::do_init_and_become_master

  • Recipe: db::do_force_reset

  • Recipe: db::do_dump_import

  • Recipe: db::do_delete_volumes_and_terminate_server

  • Recipe: db::do_appservers_deny

  • Recipe: db::do_appservers_allow

  • Recipe: cloudstack_single_node::default

  • Recipe: cloudstack::setup_single_node_management_server

  • Recipe: cloudstack::do_prepare_system_vm_template

  • Recipe: block_device::setup_ephemeral

  • Recipe: block_device::do_restore_or_setup_block_device_on_boot

  • Recipe: block_device::default

  • Recipe: sys_dns::default

  • Recipe: sys_firewall::default

  • Recipe: sys_firewall::do_list_rules

  • Recipe: sys_firewall::setup_rule

  • Recipe: sys_ntp::default

  • Recipe: db::do_secondary_restore

  • RepoPath: CloudStack Management Server Single-Node [rev 4]

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Revision 5 | Dec 19, 2012

CloudStack 4.0+ support added, previous versions deprecated. Better integration with DB Manager backup capabilities. Update to CentOS 6.3 and RightScale v13.2

Revision 2 | Mar 26, 2012

* Upgraded to CloudStack 2.2.14 * Improved OpenVPN configuration

Revision 1 | Feb 28, 2012

Initial Commit



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