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Hadoop - IBM BigInsights Basic Edition 1.4 (Master Node)

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Published by IBM on Nov 19, 2011Revision: 12 This component has been deprecated by the publisher.


This Server Template will setup a BigInsights Basic v1.4 Master Node

A core component of IBM’s platform for Big Data, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is inspired by, and is compatible with, open source Apache Hadoop and used to store, manage, and gain insights from Internet-scale data at rest.

InfoSphere BigInsights Basic Edition, IBM entry-level offering, is available at no charge and can be used to analyse up to 10TB of data. Optional Elite support is available for those that need it. BigInsights Solutions developed using BigInsights Basic Edition can be deployed using BigInsights Enterprise Edition.

BigInsights Basic Edition includes the following: * Open source Apache Hadoop to support massive, scale-out data processing and analysis on commonly available hardware. * Jaql, a Query Language for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) that facilitates analysis of both structured (through a SQL-like interface) and non-traditional data types. * Open source components from the Hadoop ecosystem. * A management console for easy administration. * Easy integration with IBM InfoSphere Warehouse and DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

IBM BigInsights clusters contain Master and Data nodes. This Server Template will setup a cloud instance as a Master Node for the BigInsights (Hadoop) cluster.

Note: This ServerTemplate needs to run on an Instance Type of m1.large or larger.


  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_5.4_x64_v5.6 - 11H2.a1 [rev 11]

  • RightScript: BigInsights: start-all [rev 2]

  • RightScript: Download Attachments [rev 3]

  • RightScript: Install BigInsights Basic [rev 8]

  • RightScript: MISC SSH private key install - 11H1 [rev 8]

  • RightScript: BigInsights: stop-all [rev 2]

  • RightScript: Run hadoop Map/Reduce job [rev 2]

  • RightScript: SYS Monitoring install - 11H2.a1 [rev 5]

  • RightScript: SYS Syslog remote logging client - 11H2.a1 [rev 5]

  • RightScript: SYS lvm on /mnt [rev 1]

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Revision 14 | Jun 15, 2012

Updated to BigInsights Basic 1.4



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