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IBM - BigInsights Quick Start Edition 2.1 (BETA)

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Published by IBM on Sep 04, 2013Revision: 2 This component has been deprecated by the publisher.


This ServerTemplate enables you to get up and running with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition V2.1.

InfoSphere BigInsights combines the power of Hadoop with enterprise-grade features including visualization & exploration, advanced analytics, and security & administration.

Quick Start Edition is the free, non-production version of BigInsights. With BigInsights Quick Start, you get access to hands-on learning through a set of tutorials designed to guide you through your Hadoop experience. Plus, there is no data capacity or time limitation, so you can experiment with large data sets and explore different use cases, on your own timeframe.

BigInsights Quick Start features include:

  • Text analytics: Sophisticated text analytics unique to BigInsights with a vast library of extractors enabling actionable insights from large amounts of native textual data.

  • BigSheets: Web-based analysis and visualization tool with a familiar, spreadsheet-like interface that enables analysis of large amounts of data and helps to design and manage long running data collection jobs.

  • Big SQL: New, native SQL query engine that enables SQL access to data stored in BigInsights, leveraging MapReduce for complex data sets and direct access for smaller queries.

  • Workload Optimization: Adaptive MapReduce adapts to user needs and system workloads automatically to improve performance and simplify job tuning while workload scheduler provides optimization and control of job scheduling based on user-selected metrics.

  • Development Tools: Familiar, Eclipse based development environment for building and deploying analytic applications and a set of developer tools extractors and editors for fast adoption and reduced coding and debugging.

  • Management Capabilities: Auditing helps tighten security and access control while monitoring provides the ability to control all applications from a centralized dashboard.

Learn more: IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

This ServerTemplate uses Chef; for a RightScript based ServerTemplate, see: Base ServerTemplate for Linux (RSB)

Key Features: * Includes ibm-rightscale cookbook which has scripts to: * Install IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition V2.1

Other Features: * Basic set of recipes for a RightLink-based server with logging, monitoring, alerts, etc. * MultiCloud Images that reference the latest supported images with a frozen software repository date that has been tested. * Basic set of alerts for most server type monitoring.

Note: Although BigInsights V2.1 is a Generally Available offering, this ServerTemplate is under development and as such is marked as Beta.

Release Notes

Supported public compute clouds: * Amazon Web Services EC2 * SoftLayer

Supported MultiCloud Images: * CentOS 6 * Ubuntu 12.04 * RHEL 6


  • Cookbook: yum v2.2.1

  • Cookbook: web_apache v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: sys_ntp v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: sys_firewall v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: sys_dns v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: sys v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: runit v0.13.0

  • Cookbook: ruby v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: rightscale v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: rails_enterprise v0.1.1

  • Cookbook: repo_rsync v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: repo_ros v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: apache2 v1.0.0

  • Cookbook: app v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: app_django v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: app_jboss v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: app_passenger v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: app_php v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: app_tomcat v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: apt v1.9.3

  • Cookbook: block_device v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: repo_git v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: build-essential v1.0.0

  • Cookbook: chef v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: cloudmonitoring v0.1.5

  • Cookbook: db v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: db_mysql v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: db_postgres v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: driveclient v1.0.0

  • Cookbook: git v0.8.0

  • Cookbook: ibm-rightscale v0.1.0

  • Cookbook: repo_ftp v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: iptables v0.9.3

  • Cookbook: lamp v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: lb v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: lb_clb v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: lb_elb v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: lb_haproxy v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: logging v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: repo v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: logging_rsyslog v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: logging_syslog_ng v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: logrotate v0.8.1

  • Cookbook: memcached v13.4.0

  • Cookbook: mysql v0.23.1

  • Cookbook: openssl v0.1.0

  • Cookbook: passenger_apache2 v0.16.3

  • Cookbook: python v1.0.6

  • Cookbook: rails v0.9.2

  • Cookbook: repo_svn v13.4.0

  • MultiCloudImage: BlueSkies [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.4_x64_v13.4 [rev 38]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.4_x64_v13.4_EBS [rev 10]

  • MultiCloudImage: SoftLayerImage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v13.4 [rev 6]

  • MultiCloudImage: SoftLayerImage_Storage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v13.4 [rev 6]

  • MultiCloudImage: SoftLayerImage_Storage_CentOS_6.4_x64_v13.4 [rev 5]

  • MultiCloudImage: SoftLayerImage_CentOS_6.4_x64_v13.4 [rev 5]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.4_x64_v13.4_HVM_EBS [rev 9]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_RHEL_6.4_x64_v13.4 [rev 8]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v13.4 [rev 29]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v13.4_EBS [rev 11]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v13.4_HVM_EBS [rev 10]

  • Recipe: rightscale::setup_server_tags

  • Recipe: rightscale::setup_timezone

  • Recipe: rightscale::setup_security_updates

  • Recipe: rightscale::setup_monitoring

  • Recipe: rightscale::setup_cloud

  • Recipe: sys::setup_swap

  • Recipe: rightscale::install_tools

  • Recipe: rightscale::do_security_updates

  • Recipe: sys_firewall::default

  • Recipe: block_device::setup_ephemeral

  • Recipe: sys_ntp::default

  • Recipe: ibm-rightscale::install_biginsights_quickstart

  • Recipe: logging::default

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Revision 3 | Sep 05, 2013

Updated to 0.2.0



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