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Published by RightScale Open Source on Jul 25, 2012Revision: 2



MediaWiki LAMP AIO

MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now also used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis.

Included MCIs

This release supports RightLink 5.8 MCIs. A limited number of MCIs are included at this time (64-bit only). More will be added in future revisions.

  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • CentOS 6.2

Supported Clouds

  • Amazon EC2


This is an early alpha release. Documentation is currently being written and will be included in the next revision.


This is a RightScale OSS ServerTemplate supported by the community only and is an alpha release not recommended for production systems.

For community support, feedback, bugs & enhancement requests:

For additional information, please see the RightScale OSS Commmunity page on the Support Portal.


  • Cookbook: yum v0.6.2.10

  • Cookbook: xml v1.0.4.10

  • Cookbook: xfs v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: windows v1.3.2.10

  • Cookbook: web_apache v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: unicorn v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: tomcat v0.10.4.10

  • Cookbook: sys_ntp v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: sys_firewall v0.1.0.10

  • Cookbook: sys_dns v0.1.0.10

  • Cookbook: sys v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: subversion v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: sleep v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: rvm v0.8.7.10

  • Cookbook: runit v0.14.2.10

  • Cookbook: rubygems v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: ruby v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: rs_utils v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: rs_ebs v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: rs_dns v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: rest_connection v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: resolver v0.8.2.10

  • Cookbook: repo_svn v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: repo_ros v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: repo_git v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: passenger_apache2 v0.99.4.10

  • Cookbook: python v1.0.4.10

  • Cookbook: privoxy v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: postgresql v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: php v1.0.2.10

  • Cookbook: pecl v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: apache2 v1.1.10.10

  • Cookbook: app v0.1.0.10

  • Cookbook: app_passenger v0.1.1.10

  • Cookbook: app_php v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: app_rails v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: app_tomcat v0.2.1.10

  • Cookbook: application v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: application_php v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: aws v0.100.1.10

  • Cookbook: bind v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: boto v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: build-essential v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: chef_handler v1.0.6.10

  • Cookbook: database v1.2.0.10

  • Cookbook: db v0.2.0.10

  • Cookbook: db_mysql v0.0.2.10

  • Cookbook: db_postgres v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: denyhosts v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: dmg v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: dovecot v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: env v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: fog v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: git v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: gunicorn v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: hello_world v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: iptables v0.10.0.10

  • Cookbook: java v1.4.0.10

  • Cookbook: joe v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: links v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: lynx v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: mediawiki_application v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: mediawiki_rightscale v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: mysql v1.2.7.10

  • Cookbook: node_cm v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: ohai v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook: openssl v1.0.0.10

  • Cookbook: repo v0.0.1.10

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of flaccid's cookbooks+cookbooks_public

  • Cookbook Repo: git:// of flaccid's cookbooks+cookbooks_public

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_12.04_x64_v5.8_Beta_EBS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Ubuntu_10.04_x64_v5.8_EBS [rev 3]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_CentOS_6.2_x64_v5.8_Beta_EBS [rev 1]

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::create_database_user

  • Recipe: rs_utils::setup_hostname

  • Recipe: mysql::server

  • Recipe: mediawiki_rightscale::default

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::php_mysql

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::mysql_server

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::import_initial_tables

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::drop_database

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::default

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::database

  • Recipe: rs_utils::setup_logging

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::create_database

  • Recipe: mediawiki_application::application

  • Recipe: rs_utils::setup_timezone

  • Recipe: rs_utils::setup_server_tags

  • Recipe: runit::default

  • Recipe: database::snapshot

  • Recipe: database::master

  • Recipe: database::ebs_volume

  • Recipe: build-essential::default

  • Recipe: application::php

  • Recipe: application::mod_php_apache2

  • Recipe: apache2::default

  • Recipe: rs_utils::setup_ssh

  • Recipe: rs_utils::setup_mail

  • RepoPath: flaccid's cookbooks+cookbooks_public [rev 10]

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Revision 2 | Jul 25, 2012

Bump to flaccid's cookbooks+cookbooks_public [rev 10].



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