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Microsoft IIS App Server (v13.5.0-LTS)

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Published by RightScale on Aug 29, 2013Revision: 3


This ServerTemplate is on the LTS Lineage. For the latest Infinity version, see the Infinity Release
For a description of the Infinity and LTS lineages, see ServerTemplate Release Methodology

This ServerTemplate configures an IIS (Internet Information Services) web application server. It is designed to work in a hybrid cloud setting and with a CLB, ELB or Load Balancer ServerTemplate and Database ServerTemplate as part of a three-tier web architecture.

Key Features: * Built-in monitoring and alerts on CPU, memory, and disk * Utilizes RightScale tag-based routing for connecting to load balancers * Pulls application code from an external repository (Git, SVN, or cloud storage)

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Microsoft IIS App Server Release Notes

Application versions: * .Net 3.5SP1 * .Net 40 * .Net 4.5 * PowerShell 2.0 * PowerShell 3.0 * IIS 7.5 (on 2008R2 image) * IIS 8.0 (on 2012 image)

Supported public compute clouds: * Amazon Web Services EC2 * Rackspace Open Cloud (US, UK) * SoftLayer * Windows Azure

Supported private compute clouds: * Citrix CloudStack (3.0.6)(XenServer, VMware, and KVM) * OpenStack Folsom (KVM) * Rackspace Private Cloud (KVM)

Supported Storage Services: * Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) * OpenStack Swift (Folsom) * Rackspace Cloud Files (US, UK) * Rackspace Private (Swift)(Folsom) * SoftLayer Object Storage * Windows Azure Blob Storage

Supported MultiCloud Images: * Windows 2012 - Amazon, CloudStack, OpenStack, Rackspace Open Cloud, Rackspace Private, Windows Azure * Windows 2008R2 - Amazon, CloudStack, Rackspace Open Cloud, Rackspace Private, SoftLayer, Windows Azure


  • MultiCloudImage: SoftLayerImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_iis7.5_v13.5.0-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2012_x64_iis8_v13.5.0_XenServer-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2012_x64_iis8_v13.5.0_VMware-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2012_x64_iis8_v13.5.0_KVM-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2012_x64_iis8_v13.5.0-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_iis7.5_v13.5.0_XenServer-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_iis7.5_v13.5.0_VMware-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_iis7.5_v13.5.0_KVM-LTS [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_SP1_x64_iis7.5_v13.5.0-LTS [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Activate Windows with KMS server (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Restart web server (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Start website (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Switch website (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Register with HAProxy (Chef-based) (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Register with ELB (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Register with CLB (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 3]

  • RightScript: IIS Download application code (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Deregister from HAProxy (Chef-based) (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Deregister from ELB (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Deregister from CLB (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 2]

  • RightScript: IIS Assign port to website (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Restart application (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Configure IIS logs rotation policy (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Convert PFX (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Disable Windows Firewall (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Enable Windows Firewall (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS IIS monitoring install (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install 7-Zip (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install AWS SDK for .NET (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install All Windows Updates (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install IIS7 Powershell snap-in (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install Microsoft update by KB number (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install RightScale Powershell library (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install SQL Server 2012 client tools (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Install SVN client (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Monitoring install Windows (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Set Windows Automatic Updates Policy (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Set admin account (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Timezone set Windows (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS Unmount removable and compact disk drives (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS open ports in Windows firewall (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: SYS upload IIS logs (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

  • RightScript: IIS Add connection string (v13.5.0-LTS) [rev 1]

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Revision 3 | Aug 29, 2013

Final commit for v13.5.0-LTS release



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