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Published by RightScale Open Source on Jul 08, 2011Revision: 5


Provides a base Microsoft Windows Server including RightScale Monitoring and Chef support for the RightScale Public Windows RepoPath. An Administrator password change is included in the boot sequence (recommended for use with RightScale credentials). Also includes: - Powershell Community Extensions - Microsoft Web Platform Installer command line version. - Some basic alert examples for cpu, memory, disk space and server state.


  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_x64_iis7.5_sqlex2k8r2_v5.7 [rev 2]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_x64_v5.7 [rev 1]

  • MultiCloudImage: RightImage_Windows_2008R2_x64_sqlsvr2k8r2_v5.7 [rev 2]

  • RightScript: Windows Install AWS Tools Powershell Module [rev 2]

  • RightScript: SYS Monitoring install [rev 3]

  • RightScript: SYS Set Admin Password [rev 1]

  • RightScript: Print shell environment (Powershell) [rev 4]

  • RightScript: Windows Install Aria2 [rev 1]

  • RightScript: Windows Install Latest AWS .NET SDK [rev 1]

  • RightScript: Windows Install Nuget Command Line [rev 1]

  • RightScript: Windows Install Powershell Community Extensions Module [rev 3]

  • RightScript: Windows Install Web Platform Installer Command Line Tool 3.0 [rev 3]

  • RightScript: Windows install demo custom monitoring plugins [rev 1]

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Revision 5 | Jul 08, 2011

Switched "Set Admin Password" script to a non-premium script.

Revision 2 | Jun 08, 2011

Updated scripts to work with RightLink 5.7



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