Optimize Your AWS Use: Request a Meeting with RightScale at re:Invent

As you grow your use of AWS and other clouds, it’s inevitable that some inefficiencies crop up. Instances are left running or underutilized and AWS Reserved Instances may not be optimized as your AWS usage changes. As a result, you are most likely wasting 30 percent or more of your AWS spend. How do we know this? When reviewing cloud accounts for our customers, we can identify unused, underutilized, and old cloud resources that are costing them money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Request a 1:1 meeting with us at AWS re:Invent to learn how RightScale can help you find and fix the waste in your AWS cloud accounts and manage applications across AWS, other clouds, and on-premise environments. We’ll focus on these 5 areas of optimization:

  1. Identifying unused and underused resources
  2. Reducing waste in your development environments
  3. Adjusting AWS regions to save money
  4. Mapping previous-generation instances to their cheaper current-generation equivalents
  5. Buying and managing Reserved Instances (RIs) to adapt to your changing needs

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