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Wall Street Journal

March 25, 2014

Google Cuts “Cloud” Pricing to Compete with Amazon

RightScale CEO Michael Crandell calls Google’s price cuts "game-changing." Over three years, RightScale says Google may still be 3 to 18 percent more expensive than AWS. However, Google’s Sustained-Use Pricing approach will let customers take advantage of future price cuts, which may erode the difference.


January 7, 2014

Get Savvy on the Latest Cloud Terminology

What do you find when you look up cloud management in the dictionary? Not much. But TechRepublic suggests that RightScale is a good example of cloud management - and one that works across multiple clouds.


December 10, 2013

RightScale Brings On-Premises vSphere Into Its Cloud Management Purview

For the many companies that run vSphere virtualization and management tools in-house alongside public clouds, as well for those that are heavily virtualized but haven't yet made the leap to cloud but are weighing that possibility, the new RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere can provide them with a more consolidated view of their mixed environments.

Data Center Knowledge

December 10, 2013

RightScale Extends Cloud Management to VMware vSphere

RightScale announces a new on-premises software appliance that integrates VMware vSphere with the RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management suite, enabling IT teams to deploy workloads to vSphere or any of the public or private clouds already supported by RightScale as well as create portable workloads that can move seamlessly between these environments.

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