Datapipe Management

Complete Lifecycle Management

Manage servers and backups in scalable, automated deployments with monitoring and alerts. Get a unified view of your entire infrastructure, control access with user permissioning and auditing, and keep a handle on costs with resource usage tracking.

Datapipe-Ready Configurations

Fully automate your provisioning and operations through dynamic configuration with RightScale ServerTemplates™, which provide a range of pre-built load balancer, app server, cache server, and database configurations that are customizable to your specifications.

Link to Hybrid Clouds

Create a cohesive hybrid cloud environment for backup, disaster recovery, geographic diversification, performance enhancement, and cost optimization.

Geographic Reach

Datapipe is one of the few providers to offer a China-based cloud service. Use RightScale to manage Datapipe's Shanghai One data center, which meets the highest standards for reliability, security, and redundancy.