HP Cloud Management

Complete Lifecycle Management

Provision, monitor, configure, automate, audit, and administer your HP Cloud resources. Get a single view of HP Cloud and other cloud accounts, users, resource usage, and costs.

Full Services Offering

RightScale provides consultative support, business-critical SLAs, onboarding services, and end-to-end engineering that has defined the cloud's cutting-edge deployments.

HP Cloud-Ready Configurations

With a range of load balancer, app server, cache server, and database ServerTemplates, the MultiCloud Marketplace™ provides reference architectures to get you up and running quickly with HP cloud management.

Link to Hybrid Clouds

Create a cohesive hybrid cloud environment for backup, disaster recovery, geographic diversification, performance enhancement, or cost optimization.

HP Public Cloud Use Cases

Learn how HP’s public cloud and its ecosystem address a variety of customer needs and use cases.