Product Overview

RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management Suite

RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management is an integrated software suite that includes Self-Service, Cloud Management, and Cloud Analytics. Built on a Multi-Cloud Platform, RightScale supports Infrastructure-as-a-Service resource pools across public clouds, private clouds, and virtualization.

RightScale Products

Self-Service: Provide Instant Access to Cloud Services

Increase agility and accelerate application development by providing developers and business units with self-service access to a set of standardized technology stacks across a portfolio of clouds. Explore Self-Service.

Cloud Management: Design, Operate, and Govern Cloud Applications

Deploy and manage applications across your entire cloud portfolio, while ensuring visibility and governance over all of your cloud usage. Choose the right cloud for each application and move that application to a different cloud at any point in time. Explore Cloud Management.

Cloud Analytics: Make Informed Decisions About Usage and Costs

Analyze and optimize costs across all the clouds you use. Visualize past and present cloud usage, forecast future usage, and optimize your cloud costs. Explore Cloud Analytics.

Multi-Cloud Platform: Integrate Clouds with an On-Demand Architecture

Support your portfolio of public and private clouds as well as virtualized environments on the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform, which is the underlying technology that powers RightScale cloud products. Our On-Demand Architecture provides instant access to your fleet of global data centers and those from leading vendors.