Cloud Analytics

Manage costs in a multi-cloud world.
Take action on insights to reduce spend.

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RightScale Cloud Analytics

Derive insights from your past cloud spend to forecast and optimize cloud costs.


Know what's going on

Data from all your clouds

See usage and cost data from public and private clouds in a single unified dashboard.

Slice and dice

Slice your costs by cloud account, team, or app to understand usage trends.

Plug in any cost

Specify costs for your private clouds or plug in additional third party costs for a complete view of cloud spend.

RightScale Cloud Analytics for insights into your cloud costs
Automated cloud cost reporting with RightScale Cloud Analytics

Account for all your costs

Chargeback and showback

Leverage tags to allocate costs to departments or business units.

Automate reporting

Email automated reports to users or managers to uncover unexpected costs.

Integrate with financial systems

Integrate cloud costs into your IT financial management software or other accounting systems.

"RightScale Cloud Analytics ensures that we are on the appropriate and most cost-effective cloud infrastructure at all times.”

Volkswagen Group of America: General Manager, Digital Technology Solutions & Strategy


Plan for the future

Predict application costs

Forecast future costs for prospective or existing cloud applications.

Track budgets

Develop budgets and alert users or managers of overruns.

Compare options

Evaluate different clouds, instance types, and purchase options.

Cloud cost forecasting with RightScale Cloud Analytics
Cloud cost optimization with RightScale Cloud Analytics

Take action on insights

Drill down to manage

Tie insights to action using RightScale Cloud Management.

Uncover savings

Reduce costs with alternate clouds or improved utilization.

Place workloads based on price

Use the Cloud Pricing Service to automate provisioning based on price.

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Cloud Analytics Features List
  • Cost visibility across clouds

  • Private cloud price books

  • Plug in third party costs

  • Markups and discounts

  • Tagging

  • Slice and dice by cloud, user, application, or any tag

  • Chargeback and showback

  • Drill down to individual instances

  • Reserved instance usage reports

  • Automated reports via email

  • Export reports to CSV

  • Forecasts and budgets

  • Scenarios for different cloud options

  • Budget alerts

  • API for cloud prices

  • API for your cloud usage and costs

  • Workload placement by cost at provision time

RightScale cited as a leader in
Hybrid Cloud Management.

"RightScale led the pack with support for many different cloud platform basic and advanced services, the broadest breadth and depth of available cross-cloud templates, very mature governance capabilities, embedded cost analytics, and the most widely used and praised hybrid cloud APIs and external tool integrations."

The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud
Management Solutions, Q1 2016

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RightScale Cloud Analytics


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